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KS&CE Workers Welfare Fund Board

Kerala Shops&Commercial Establishments Workers Welfare Fund Board was constituted, targeting the well-being and relief of self-employed and the employees who come under the Kerala shops and Commercial Establishment Act of 1960.It also provides pensions to these employees and thereby ensuring employee welfare. The age group 18-55 yrs are eligible to become a member of the scheme.

Membership Eligibility:

Any employee between the age of eighteen to fifty five, who is self employed or those who works in the shops which comes under the KS&CE Act of 1960, and also who have to complete three months of service are eligible for the membership


Employee contribution Rs20/- Employer contribution Rs.20/-


Any member who has completed a minimum period of ten consecutive years and properly remitted  the subscription   is eligible for pension under the following criteria: a)the member should have completed sixty years of age b)the member who is unable to go for work for more than two years due to some permanent illness

Family Pension:

A member paid subscription for more than fifteen years or a member who is eligible for pension dies, his eligible family is liable to get the family pension

Maternity Allowance

A female member is eligible for maternity allowance based on the following criteria:

a) The member should have paid subscription for at least one year

b) The member/employee should not come under the Employees State Insurance Scheme. The Maternity allowance is max three months’ salary- or Rupees Fifteen Thousand which is lesser in case of Delivery. Whereas in the case of Abortion, allowance will be fixed for a minimum period of six weeks subjected to the above conditions. A member is allowed to  claim for maternity allowance is only two times.

Marriage Allowance:

A member who has paid subscription at least for a period  of three years is eligible to get a marriage allowance of Rupees five thousand to meet the marriage expenses of his/her daughter. An unmarried female member will also get this allowance for her marriage.

Death Exgratio Of Family Members Of A Member:

A member who has paid subscription at least for a period  of three years is eligible to get death ex  gratio of Rupees one thousand to meet the ex gratio expenses of his family members.

Treatment Allowance :

A member who has paid subscription for a minimum of three consecutive years is eligible to get a treatment allowance of Rupees ten thousand (maximum) subject to approval from board throughout the period of membership

Allowance For Education :

A member who has paid subscription for at least 1 year is eligible to get an education allowance for his/her child. The Education Allowance scheme is prepared by the board and is implemented subject to approval from the Government.

Death Allowance :

If a member of welfare fund, dies due to illness/accident, his/her family is eligible to get Rupees five thousand within the first three year membership period and Rupees one thousand after each year in the membership period with a combined benefit not exceeding Rupees twenty thousand as ex gratio allowance.