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Our Services

  • New Establishment PF Registration
  • Providing assistance in Online transfer
  • Digital Signature  Registration and renewal
  • Updating of exit of resigning employees in Pf
  • Submitting all necessary documents properly
  • Providing Advice on Inspection Related Matters
  • Registration of existing employees in Provident fund
  • Preparation of ECR and Challan for final remittance of Pf
  • Registration of new employees in PF joining during the month
  • Generating New UAN, Linking old UAN with the new PF account
  • Guidance on UAN activation and  Passbook Generation  and seeding of KYC
  • Furnishing of particulars of changes about the management of the establishment
  • Advice on preparation and maintenance of Statutory Registers and related records

What Is Employee Provident Fund (EPF) ?

The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a social security and retirement benefits scheme by EPFO  in which employees of an organisation contribute a small portion(12%) of their PF eligible monthly pay. In the same way, the employer also contributes a similar amount on their behalf towards the scheme. The Employer also contribute 0.5% as an Administration Charges and 0.5% towards Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme.


The Act extends to the whole of India. It applies on every establishment employing twenty or more persons and engaged in industry specified in Schedule I of the Act or any other activity notified by the Central Government.The Scope of the act  applies to all departments / branches of an establishment wherever situated in India and aboard. As per section 1 (4) of the Act, voluntary coverage is possible if an establishment employing even less than 20 persons


Employees drawing salary / wages at the time of joining up-to Rs. 15,000/- per month are covered under the provisions of the Act.Employees drawing salary / wages more than Rs.15000/- per month may also be brought under the purview of the Act at the discretion of the management and by furnishing a joint undertaking to the Provident Fund Commissioner.Employees engaged through the Contractor  will also eligible for PF.

If an employee is drawing more than Rs. 15000/-is he required to become a member of the EPF?

Ans: Such employees are not required to become a member, if he is not already holding the PF membership. Otherwise, if both the employer and employee are willing, he can become a member by giving option under Para-26 (6) of the PF Scheme. The option has to be submitted to the EPF office within 6 months of joining of such member. As per the provisions of the EPF, if a new employee joins an organisation on a salary exceeding the prescribed monthly wage of 15,000/- ceiling and he/she is not a member of EPF at the time of joining the establishment, he/she will not be liable to become a member of the EPF. 

What Is UAN?

Employees’ Provided Fund Organisation will provide the Universal Account Number (UAN),which  is a 12 digit number  to each member of the through which one can manage his Provident fund accounts. It helps the person to get all Provided Fund (PF) information in one place irrespective of the organization one works for. With the help of UAN, the employee can make many PF related transactions easily.