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In many organizations, labour turnover in HR Department is very high. Frequent changes will affect the function as well as the performance of the HR

Why Hiring The Right Person Is So Important ?

According to the U.S. Department of Labour, the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. For a small organization, a five-figure investment in the wrong person is  really a threat to the business. This is applicable everywhere in the world. So hiring the right person is so important.  When the right person with good performance and attitude placed in an organization the advantages are: increased efficiency, save time, better customer service, business growth, lower turnover cost, better team building and morale.  In this context, our service will help employers to find out the right candidates.

The Major Advantage Of Agency Recruitment Is:

Reasonably Good Candidates:

An agency, recruitment process enables the employer to tap top choice candidates. When automated with an applicant tracking system, the agency recruitment process expands your reach, attracts the right candidates, keeps them engaged and makes it much easier to bring them on board.

Bring Attention Of  New Skills And Inputs

Agency recruitment generally increases the possibility of identifying and attracting fresh talent. This talent comes on board with new skills and business ideas that have the ability to take your business to the next level.

Bring Variety& New Business Insights And Ideas:

Agency  recruitment will bring a variety of applications from candidates with varying work experiences. This will help you easy access to candidates who’ve gained knowledge from working for different organizations. Hiring these candidates would mean gaining insights into new and innovative business practices and knowing other aspects of your competitor’s businesses.

Better Conversion Rate

Agency  recruitment will bring  a variety of candidates with different capabilities and skill sets,  which leads to  getting  maximum suitable candidates. 

Speedy Hiring  Process:

By availing the service of a recruitment agency, you can speed up the process time to take a new employee. When using our recruitment agency, you provide us the job details  as well as hiring time.

Our  recruitment agency handles the whole process which saves you a lot of hassle. Once you’ve given us the  job requirement, we will deliver the top few candidates for your consideration. 

Help To Avoid Recommending And Canvassing:

When choosing an agency, you can avoid unwanted recommending and canvassing by certain people There are many more advantages when choosing an agency for recruitment.

Need For  Maintaining Statutory Records 

Each and every organization need to maintain all applicable statutory records with them for legal purposes.We need to produce the updated, proper records for verification by concerned government authorities.  It is very important that all organizations need to understand what are the various laws, rules and regulations, which are applicable to our organization. Then maintain records accordingly.

We will make verification of the records maintained by the organization and point out the shortfall in it and suggest rectification for the same. Periodical verification of the records will be done by us.